Scoop on Schools is a product of two Portland moms’ collective obsession with finding schools where our children would thrive.  As we searched, we spent countless hours piecing together information from the web, talking to friends and acquaintances, and visiting schools. In the process we encountered many others who were similarly frustrated and confused about how to navigate their Portland school search.  Over lunches and lists, we wished that someone would simplify and explain the process for all the uninitiated parents out there.  A year later, we decided that someone would be us!  

Between the two of us, we have experienced neighborhoods schools, focus option schools, specialty schools, language immersion and private schools – living the benefits and drawbacks of each.   We’ve been through numerous lotteries and application processes over the years, with one of us also now working in the Portland Public School system.  We’ve talked to dozens of other parents, subsequently creating a wide network of people from whom we gather information. Through it all we’ve learned that there is no perfect school out there, but that careful research, scrutiny, and a strategic approach can greatly increase your odds of landing in a school that suits your child and family.  Being thorough in your search also helps you “own your choice” and more fully invest in your school community.  And the more that parents fully invest in their children’s schools, the better those schools become.

We sincerely hope that Scoop on Schools helps with your school decisions.  Please give us feedback and comments so we can keep the site evolving to meet the needs of the Portland community.  And we gladly welcome others with a passion for quality education to join our all-volunteer team and contribute to the growth of this website.