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Welcome to Scoop On Schools

If you are wondering how to find the best Portland area school for your child, we’ve got you covered! Follow a step-by-step process created by two Portland moms who have gone through it themselves and want to give you the scoop on how it all works.

We may not be blogging anymore,  but we're still around! If you want to let us know about changes in the school scene please leave comments, find us on FACEBOOK, post to the FORUM, or CONTACT US

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The Summer (Over) Schedule

Updated on June 13, 2012 by Registered CommenterScoopOnSchools

School's out for the summer(!)... and we are going to take our own advice from last year and try not to schedule too much at all.  That includes posting to our blog.  We'll be back in the fall with more Scoop. We hope you all have a fun summer!

Every year I have the same conversation with myself.  “Self,” I say, “this summer you are not going to overschedule the kids.  You are going to remember that less is more.  You are going to have days, weeks, a month! – with the kids playing in their P.J.s all day,  unless they need to put on their bathing suit.   And you are not going to get suckered into signing the kids up for too many camps, no matter how amazing they sound.  Period.”

Then, usually I turn around and do just the opposite.  I fill the docket to exploding.  I get excited about each of the fun things to fold into summer and BOOM, before you know it we are booked.

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Summer Learning - keeping it up

So it’s nearly summer – and with summer comes relief from the daily grind of homework for your child, and for the overseeing parent as well.  I was recently pondering the beauty of taking homework off my list when I came across this quote by Richard Allington, a highly respected educational researcher:

“The best predictor of summer loss or summer gain is whether or not a child reads during the summer.  And the best predictor of whether a child reads is whether or not he or she has access to books.”

Which was a great reminder – just because school is out, doesn’t mean that expectations of reading and learning stop completely.  So here are some ideas of how to keep the learning going, even while having a laid-back summer.

1.  The number one way to keep skills up and progressing is a no brainer: FREQUENT READING.  The magic minimum to make some progress seems to be reading at least four chapter books, or if not there yet, reading at least 15 minutes a day.  So how to promote time reading in the midst of a less structured schedule, especially if your kid is not a huge fan of reading? 

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