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This page lists the links indicated by the "Apple" on several pages throughout the Scoop On Schools site. The links on this page will refer you to other sites for further research or additional resources. (Looking for the Link Exchange page?)

A note on doing further research, especially on anything that is subject to varying opinions (e.g. private vs. public, the method or philosophy of education, etc):  We strongly suggest that when you search your topic of interest that you add words like “criticisms,” “pros cons, “positive negative” etc. in order to ferret out any discussions or articles that will balanced out the rosy views you’re sure to find.

From Step 1: BEGIN - The Fundamentals

Links on charter schools:  

Links on Public vs. Private: 

Links on Homeschooling:

From Step 1: BEGIN - School Setups:

Links on PPS PreK: 

Links K-5 vs. K-8:

Links on shifting boundaries and PPS:

From Step 1: BEGIN - Schools with a Specialized Approach:

Links on Language Immersion:

International Baccalaureate Programs:

  • IBO - Learn all about International Baccalaureate programs & schools here.



Project Based/Thematic Learning:

  •  a non-profit that promotes Project Based Learning offers a basic yet thorough overview

Religious Schools:

  • Religion in Schools - a clickable essay that explores a few aspects, positive & negative about attending a religious school
  • Public Schools vs. Private, including religious schools - same study that compares public vs. private also had some interesting variance between Catholic, Lutheran and Conservative Christian schools.  For research geeks, you can get the minutiae from clicking on the pdf attachment to the article (on left)

From Step 1: BEGIN - Unique Needs:

Special Ed:

  • - a great community/family resource on disability issues in OR  


 From Step 1: BEGIN - Lottery Basics 

From Step 2: REFLECT - What Makes My Child Thrive? 

Readiness & Redshirting:

From Step 3: RESEARCH - Safety & Environmental Concerns 

Earthquake Safety & Prep:

  • Multnomah County Seismic Assessment Reports - For each report, which covers both retrofitted & non-retrofitted buildings, look at the FEMA number to understand collapse potential of a school.  If you still need clarity (it took us help from a geologist to really understand the report!) the FAQ might help. 

Air Quality:

  • - Learn more about Portland’s air and what you can do from this local group’s efforts. 

Cell Tower Signals:

  • Electromagnetic Fields – a cleanly organized, but thorough site that explains EMFs in various forms, studies that have been done, etc. 

Crime & General Safety:

  •  - as mentioned on page, type in the address of a school (or any Portland location) to see a map of criminal acts committed at or near the spot.  You can also see if registered sexual offenders live nearby, as well as other environmental indicators.

From Step 3: RESEARCH - Crunching the Data 

Scores & Standards:

Class Size:

  • 7 Myths About Class Size - great article with research-based evidence to back up claims about the benefits of class size reduction 

From Step 6: SETTLE IN - Supplementing

Math & Logic:

  •  - billed as an “amusement park of math and more” and appears to be just that. Endless opportunities for math exploration…
  • Kahn Academy - great, interactive tool for wide variety of learning at all levels
  •  - another site with a plethora of math activities.  Seems to be a little more “gaming” like, so if your kid wants to play some online games, might as well be educational…
  • Math Activities for Kindergarteners - These activities for kindergarteners are appropriately “offline” but require the effort of printing, cutting, and possibly laminating.   



  • Guide to Literacy - good overview on supporting your kid’s writing with some activity ideas on this less-fancy web page 


  •  - This site has some great, easy-to-follow ideas for guiding your kid (most ages) through various types of art projects.
  •  - This site offers easy, step-by-step lessons & projects for your kids - and even has contests they can enter.



 These web pages are all rich with ideas & further resources relating to science: