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This page covers:

  • Kindergarten eligibility
  • Month by month layout of search process

There comes a time to buckle down and dive in to the school search.  But when, we hear you asking, exactly is that time?  We recommend you start the wheels turning about a year before your child will enter or change schools.  This allows you plenty of time to learn varying opinions, reflect on your options, and meet all the deadlines that come up.    

For those of you just emerging from the preschool cocoon, the first thing you need to gauge is eligibility.  Kids are eligible to start Kindergarten if they are turning five on Sept. 1st of a particular year. (Some parents choose to make exceptions to this rule. See “Readiness.”)

Each school has its own dates for the various steps in their own particular enrollment process:  tours, open houses, child visits, interviews, applications, lottery forms, etc.  So once you have a short list of schools to check out, go to each school’s website (or give them a call) to get the specifics.  Below is a rough idea of how the process unfolds:


Click here to download this chart as a PDF

If you are the planner type, scratch the rough timeline into your calendar.  Give yourself a clear start date and think about how you will sort and keep information.  Once you start touring, you will be swimming in paperwork, so get organized!

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